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Billy Cobham Live Stream of 2/27/15 Concert

Billy Cobham Live Stream of 2/27/15 Concert

Billy Cobham is playing drums in the UK tonight at the sold out Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and it’s being live streamed for all drummers around the world to enjoy. The live performance in London will be streamed on Friday, February 27 at 11:15 pm BST. It took a while to figure out, but 11:15 pm BST is 6:15 EST in the USA.

This author saw Billy Cobham last year on his tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of his album “Spectrum”. He has not lost a beat and his single stroke roll is still amazing. He hasn’t lost a drum either when you look at the size of this drum set, which included electronic drum pads mounted above each tom. Billy also recently upgraded his Zendrum MIDI drum controller to the latest model and has supposedly taken that on tour with him.

For a 69 year old drummer, Billy Cobham is not slowing down, and that’s good for us. Visit Ronnie Scottt’s Jazz Club’s website to view the live stream or a recorded version after the fact.

UPDATE: You can watch the concert below. (The concert starts around 16 minutes into the video… because he didn’t have any drum sticks! Great performance by a legendary drummer.)


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