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Berklee Practice Method: Drum Set

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The Berklee Practice Method: Drum Set beginning drum set instruction book may be one of the first ever drum method books that teaches you how to play in a rock band from the ground up.

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Product Description

Another great beginner drum set book by drummer and educator Ron Savage and others, the Berklee Practice Method: Drum Set – Get Your Band Together, may be one of the first ever drum method books that teaches you how to play in a rock band.

Authored by the famous faculty of Berklee College of Music, the drum set book and play-along CD will help improve your timing, technique, and reading ability on the drums. All of the important basics to be the drummer everyone wants to play with.

From basics rhythms and beats, comping and improvising, to learning what other musicians want in a drummer, this beginning drum set book even features daily practice routines which you can practice by yourself or with your band in the garage. This series of books is available for other musicians, so your guitar player, keyboardist, and others can get their own version of this book and you can all jam along.

Topics include:

  • learning by ear
  • theory and technique
  • rhythmic interpretation
  • improvisation
  • comping
  • reading
  • song form
  • interpreting lead sheets

104 Pages
Author: Casey Scheuerell
Author: Ron Savage
Softcover with CD
Dimensions 12 x 9

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